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Otis Gray

Your host

Hey y'all – I'm Otis. I'm a radio producer, a storyteller, and I've always had trouble falling asleep.


While I was making my way in the world of radio production, I was working as a waiter to pay the bills. The chaotic hours left me and my fellow servers and cooks tired but restless at the end of the night. Some of them who had listened to my radio stories said that they'd drifted off to my voice more than once, and joked that I should start a podcast where I just read old books. While I wasn't totally flattered by being told I was boring – I did start that podcast as kind of a joke in 2018. I called it Sleepy.


Two years later, Sleepy has been downloaded over ten million times in over a hundred countries across the world. It was named one of Bello Collective's "100 Outstanding Podcasts of 2018," and became the most streamed Health & Lifestyle podcast on Spotify in 2019. It's become a nightly source of relief for insomniacs, restless minds, and yes – my fellow cooks and servers.


I produce radio and podcasts full time now in addition to Sleepy –with stories featured on The Moth Radio Hour, WBUR's Only A Game, and Milk Street Radio among others. I've also produced branded content with the likes of Slate, Headspace, Express Employment Professionals, and British Airways. I'm a four-time Moth StorySlam champ, I do sound workshops with kids K-6, teach Hindenburg editing classes at the PRX Podcast Garage, and recently launched a sister podcast to Sleepy called Dreamy

I'm an above average cook, I fiercely air guitar when I jog, and am extremely bad at time-sensitive board games.

If you'd like to get in touch, reach out anytime. Thanks for listening. Sweet dreams zzz

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