Sleepy Press Kit


Otis gray

Otis is a storyteller, writer, and freelance radio producer from rural Vermont.

For better or worse, Otis' deep voice put many of his friends to sleep when he asked them to listen to his radio work. So he decided to start a show aimed at helping people catch some zzz's in a crazy world.

Otis is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop, and now produces content with an emphasis on food, travel, and cultural understanding. His work has appeared on Only A Game, Milk Street Radio, the Gravy Podcast, Making Contact, BRIC Radio, WCAI, and WAMC among others. He is also a four time Moth StorySlam winner, and also produces a podcast called Hungry – about food and the stories behind it.

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What is Sleepy?

Sleepy is an internationally renowned podcast that helps you doze off into a deep, deep slumber. Each week, baritone host Otis Gray reads classic literature in a low, rhythmic tone so you can take a one-way train to Sleepy town.

Organic growth

Sleepy is a 5-star podcast on Apple Podcasts with over 600 ratings, and is an “Editor’s Choice” podcast on Spotify. Sleepy is also featured in Bello Collective’s 100 Outstanding Podcasts of 2018.

Sleepy first published in February of 2018. Since then, the show has maintained dramatic growth month to month with virtually no advertising. The show has also found huge success on Spotify, and is featured on their "Lifestyle & Health" podcast tab as high as #4. The show has been shown to drastically help people snooze from the mildly restless to the severely insomniac. Good sleep changes lives, and Sleepy delivers those zzz’s. Here's a couple stats, with more available in the press kit pdf.

  • Sleepy currently receives over 490,000 downloads/month

  • Sleepy has over 110,000 subscribers with that number consistently climbing

  • The show is currently downloaded in over 120 countries

  • Each Sleepy episode currently receives over 49,000 downloads in the first 60 days.

Who is Sleepy For?

Sleepy is for the restless and the weary. It's for anyone, of all ages, who simply likes the melodic sound of classic literature and its power to drown out the worries and pressures of a hectic world. It is for those who need to snooze like stones so they can take on the next big day. Sleepy has found success among medical students, working moms, truck drivers, line cooks, firefighters, and creative hustlers – Anyone who works hard and deserves to be lulled to sleep with a good book.

Kids love Sleepy too and send in lots of requests through their parents.


Sleepy posts new episodes each Sunday so listeners can recharge for the upcoming week. Episodes range from 45 to 90 minutes. From the melodic ramblings of Thoreau's "Walden," to the surreal dream-state of "Alice In Wonderland," there are plenty of genres and snoozy literature for listeners to choose from. No frills. Just classic literature and a deep voice to help you zzzzzzzzzz.... .. ..


Sleepy is a completely independent show. To support the making of this show, visit our Patreon page and pledge even a dollar a month – with extra Sleepy perks at different levels.



Wow. I love this podcast. The fact that you read stories brings me right back to childhood when my parents would read me books in bed. I fall asleep within minutes of the story. Sweet dreams (: – T. C.

Me and my daughter love your podcast in Edinburgh. I usually read her whatever wee story she picks, then flip off all the lights and pick one of your stories at random whilst I play online Scrabble and she drifts away. Genuinely special times. Keep up the good work – @FraggleGow

I have such trouble falling asleep. I work rotating shifts which means constantly switching between nights and days, so keeping a steady sleep schedule is close to impossible. Usually within 30 minutes of the podcast, I'm out like a light! Thank you for the countless nights of great sleep! – R . P.

I've been testing out a lot of sleep podcasts and this one rates near the top. Minimal introduction, no surprising shifts in tone, sound effects, or music. – A . L .

I <3 Sleepy – S. S.

As a chronic isomniac, Sleepy soothes my soul and allows me to gently fall asleep. Even if I doze and wake up, I'm listening to Otis read me a story. It works for me, my 13 year old daughter, and other folks I've shared it with. I highly recommend it. Either you fall asleep, or become literate. It's a win all around. – K . S .

The Sleepy Podcast is my absolute favorite. I really enjoyed The Wind In The Willows Episode. It was just the thing for my insomnia. Thank you so much. – J . F .

Just what I always wanted in seeking a podcast to send me to sleep. Keep it up, sir! – A . J . F.