I've always had trouble falling asleep. . .  

And there's nothing better than being read to. Usually Iā€™m the one doing the reading, mostly to my girlfriend who can hit deep REM standing up and can stay that way through a hurricane. 

Not all of us are that lucky. 

I've been producing radio for about 3 years. I have another show called Hungry, about food and the power of what we eat in a polarized world. I love making the show, but some of my friends say they try to listen and end up falling asleep. Not exactly what I intended.

So, now, I've dedicated a show to helping you fall asleep too. I read old books in a low voice until you zzzzzz.z...  It also gives me an excuse to read all sorts of things I've told myself I don't have time to. 

So tuck yourself in, fluff up the cool side of your pillow, and take a one way train to Sleepy town. 

Sweet Dreams. 

Sleepy S Black no background.png