Episode 63 – Sunset On The Amazon


Sunset On The Amazon

Episode 64

Zzz…. Something a little different tonight. This episode is brought to you by . . The Amazon. Not only does it help your humble narrator read, breathe, and live in a climate sustainble for human life, but it is a huge inspiration in my life. Spent some time there, and it was deeply humbling and terrifying in its power. Tonight, a rambling of my time there. This is to use whatever platform Sleepy has to give listeners access to great organizations they can donate to in order to mitigate future fires in the Amazon. Go to rainforesttrust.org and donate today. Rainforest Trust uses donations to buy acreage in the rainforest in order to protect and conserve it with the help of local communities they work with.

So before you snooze, consider making a donation on behalf of Sleepy. Thanks y’all. Sweet dreams


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